Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 12

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Published on May 12th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining… the only thing missing is your daily dose of top green news stories. Well, look no further.

  1. You’ve seen “The Story of Stuff” video, haven’t you? It’s become a big hit in classrooms across the country, so keep up with the kids and check it out (short clip above, full-length version at their web site). (Hat-tip: Dot Earth.)
  2. A suburb where 70 percent of families don’t own cars? No, this isn’t a fantasy, and yes the people living there say they are much much happier without cars.
  3. Amiel Blajchman over at Red, Green and Blue says poverty in Haiti is a direct result of deforestation and habitat loss, coupled with the usual suspects of poor planning and governance failures.
  4. Ever wonder why seahorses swim upright, unlike other fish in the sea? Two scientists did, and found out why: it’s all about the seagrasses.
  5. In response to new studies detailing just how much energy it takes to power the data centers that support the web, Bright Green Blog asks, is the Internet bad for the environment?
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 12

  •  Comment from Yair Zadik

    I’m all for conservation, reducing consumption, and sustainability, but I would be upset with any elementary school that showed the “Story of Stuff” to my child. The extreme way in which Ms. Leonard talks about manufacturing turned me off almost immediately. It completely ignores the real-world benefits of our modern lifestyle and lumps all technology, manufacturing, and capitalism into one greedy earth-raping bucket. This is exactly the sort of propaganda that turns off mainstream America and lets the Republicans label all conservationists as kooks. Hypocritically, the system she decries makes tools necessary for producing and distributing her diatribe: cheap video cameras, powerful computers, and state of the art networking.

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