Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 8

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Published on May 8th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Disappearance is everywhere this morning — disappearing seaweed, carbon emissions credits, legitimate carbon offsets, and rhinos. All going poof in the daily roundup of the five best stories out there every morning. Beam me up, Scottie…

  1. Check out this disappearing seaweed at the bottom of Egypt’s Red Sea (see video above, courtesy of It’s been know to cure gout, and it goes by the name “ninja seaweed,” although we’re thinking more Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek…(Hat tip: Blogfish.)
  2. The House Energy and Commerce Committee might vote to give away more than one-half of all carbon emissions credits to industry, says Environmental Capital  — which means a lot less money raised to fight climate change goes back into working families’ pockets.
  3. Europe’s carbon-cap-and-trade system has actually increased carbon emissions there, says Michael Wara of Stanford. (Hat tip: Green Inc.) The lesson: Make your offsets completely verifiable, like those offered by The Nature Conservancy.
  4. Zimbabwe’s rhinos face extinction from increasing poaching rates, practiced mostly to harvest rhino horn. The international group CITES will discuss in July — but will it be too late?
  5. Do Google’s carbon offsets of its own total carbon footprint amount to anything? Or are they a rip-offset, as Joseph Romm often calls them? Green Tech takes a closer look.
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