Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 7

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Published on May 7th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


In the last issue of Nature Conservancy magazine, writer Madeline Bodin reported on white-nose syndrome in bats. Unfortunately, as today’s lead story shows, the situation is getting worse. Read on to learn more… and check out all of today’s top news stories from the enviro-web.

  1. The U.S. Forest Service has ordered thousands of bat caves closed due to deadly white-nose syndrome, and lawmakers are seeking funding to learn more about the problem. To help in the awareness effort, 10,000 Birds deviates from it’s all-avian norm to highlight the problem.
  2. Could wind and renewables be the new money-maker for Indian reservations? Environmental Capital says reservations should forget casinos and go where the wind blows.
  3. Climate scientist and blogger Gavin Schmidt has come out with a new book of photos depicting climate change. Read an interview with him at Green Inc. 
  4. Researchers in Japan have found a new method of fighting fires: a frozen mixture of water and CO2 can put out fires quickly, using less water and releasing less CO2 than other fire-fighting methods.
  5. Last but not least, The Vine tipped us off to this humorous headline from the BBC: “Eco-Sailors Rescued by Oil Tanker.”

(Image: dead bats on the floor of a cave in New York. Source: USFWS, from 10,000 Birds.)

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  •  Comment from TruNorth

    Is Gavin’s book going to be made available on TNC’s marketplace website? I think it would sell well.

  •  Comment from David McGowan

    Ravenswood Media posted a video “The Battle For Bats” at The program was produced for the Forest Service and US Fish & Wildlife about what’s currently known about White Nose syndrome.

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