Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 5

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Published on May 5th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Happy Cinco de Mayo! While you’re drinking margaritas and grooving to mariachi music, don’t forget to read today’s top five green news stories:

  1. New York City has gone a little greener with it’s new fleet of hybrid police cars. Will they be cracking down on environmental fugitives now?
  2. Last week at Dot Earth, Andrew Revkin posed this question: will a green revolution in agriculture simply boost the planet’s human population, thereby not really reducing our impact on Earth at all? He received more than 100 comments — check them out.
  3. Australia is delaying its proposed cap-and-trade system by a year due to economic woes — and Environmental Capital says there are lessons here for the United States.
  4. A study published in Science shows that four out of five wildlife imports entering the United States are improperly labeled. This poor labeling, coupled with a general lack of oversight,  has helped create an exotic pet trade that’s out of control.
  5. Will Obama’s climate change proposals go under just like Bill Clinton’s health care reform did? The Vine says not likely, for one big reason: now that the EPA has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, the agency can pick up wherever Congress fails.
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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 5

  •  Comment from TruNorth

    In regards to the climate change issues, both in Australia and a little closer to home:
    I think it’s sad that we continue to draw the lines between big business and a conservation policy that will repair some of what we’ve done to this world. Too often it seems to be the environmentalists vs the businessman, which always gets related to “green tree hugging hippies,” vs “the common working man/family/woman”
    I think it’s time to apoliticalize the process. The fact is, there’s big business in being environmentally sound. And instead of criticizing businesses when they try to do something green, such as protests as to whether these companies are “truly” green or just “greenwashing,” we should be offering encouragement.
    This “us” vs “them” stuff just doesn’t cut it. And conservationists need to take the first step in bridging this gap if any major change is going to occur.

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