Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 30

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Published on April 30th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Is ignorance bliss when it comes to climate change? And is the weatherman the closet thing we have to a climate change guru? Find out this and more in today’s round-up of green news.

(Image: Clouds at sunrise in Arizona. Source: Kevin Dooley via a Creative Commons license.)

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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 30

  •  Comment from Dave Percy

    All humans will suffer from controls on global warming emissions.
    Darci Palmquist must be a global cooling denialist. I’m a meteorologist and a sea ice analysist/forecaster for NOAA. I have studied and observed Atmospheric Science for 45 years. I just look at the facts. The earth has cooled since its peak in 1998. The temperature trend rounded the curve and the cooling accelerated in 2007. Antarctica has a yearly net ice gain, which increases with each passing year. The Arctic is beginning to see a net increase this year. Sure, there “was” a well documented warming from around 1850 to 1998. Even more interesting is how the great climate models never verify a forecast, and, missed the current 10+ year cooling trend.
    If it makes sense to enact measures to reduce CO2 emissions when experts forecast warming, then surely it also makes sense to emit extra CO2 when experts forecast cooling. Or perhaps not.
    Perhaps any link between climate change and carbon dioxide is not so strong or important. Consider the historical record.
    The tiny fraction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased through the twentieth century. And yet, during that time, global average temperatures rose till about 1940, fell till about 1975, rose again till 1998, and then dropped away again. It is not surprising, then, that despite claims “the science is settled,” thousands of scientists disagree with forecasts of dangerous manmade global warming.

    History again provides useful guidance.

    Dave Percy Anchorage, Alaska

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