Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 13

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Published on March 13th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Lucky Friday the 13th for tree kangaroos! But not so much if you live in California and/or want to recycle that cheese-smeared pizza box. (And double bad luck if it were a California-style pizza…) Read on for the five green links you must click on — and watch those cracks in the sidewalk…

(Image: Papua New Guinean and baby tree kangaroo. Credit: panvorax through a Creative Commons license.)

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Comments: Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 13

  • Knowledge is power. You have to understand the problems at hand to be able to deal with them effectively. The environment has been being attacked for decades and decades from pollution-causing manufacturing plants and governmental agencies who do far less than not caring. Truths have been consistently masked and hidden from the public in the name of increased profit margins. To believe otherwise is both ludicrous and self-destructive.

  •  Comment from John Pelley

    Thanks for the info about the pizza boxes. Didn’t know about the greese problem. Same would go with french fries.

  •  Comment from Beverly Clarke

    What really scared me was hearing today about the coming 22″ rising of the sea level on the eastcoast of the US this summer due to global warming.

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