Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 6

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Published on March 6th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Climatologists have long feared that climate change would eventually unfreeze the frozen methane at the bottom of the Arctic Sea — and that that methane (a greenhouse gas with a warming potential 25 times that of carbon dioxide) would accelerate climate change exponentially.

Well, that methane melting is here — the writer Bill McKibben told a Conservancy conference last fall about seeing methane bubbles during an Arctic Sea expedition. See video above showing what it’s like to light to light methane bubbling through a frozen Arctic lake — and almost get burned by it. (It’s not the kind of melting methane the studies are talking about, though.) Then catch up on the all the other hot green news below:

  • Up From the Ground Came a Bubblin’ Brew: Climate Feedback wraps up the latest thinking on the threat of melting methane — and how to forestall its effects. (One solution: Use large animals in Siberia to “stomp the permafrost to keep it intact.”)
  • It’s the Love Child of a… Check out the “elephant fish,” a fish with a snout it uses to forage for food on the muddy bottom of the Congo River.  (Hat tip: Blogfish.)
  • I’m Skeptical: Al Gore tells Bjorn Lomborg (author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist”) at the Eco:nomics conference that he refuses to debate him on climate change — reminding Lomborg that the science on global warming has spoken, reports David Roberts at Grist.
  • Comeback Kids: You’ve read in Cool Green Morning about how hunting and fishing pressures are making adults in the animal kingdom smaller — but now a new study says one species of fish can rebound fairly quickly, says Wired Science.

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