Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, March 3

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Published on March 3rd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


We love dirt, our dogs love dirt…and now there’s another reason to love dirt — it’s really good at soaking up atmospheric carbon. Except when you disturb it and get it angry…Check out this story and the five other green links you absolutely must click on today: 

  • Down and Dirty: Soil — the hidden carbon sink? The Green Grok says absolutely — and our continuous agriculture cultivation is reducing that sinking capacity by 50 percent.  
  • We Have a Loser: UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who professes great concern about climate change, had the biggest carbon footprint of any European leader last year, says Terra Eco. (Hat tip and English interpretation: Green Inc.)
  • James Bond Alert: A car claimed to be the world’s fastest hybrid vehicle is being unveiled today in Geneva. Named the Namir, it tops out at 187mph and will go 1,200 miles without a charge. (We will sign up as soon as the first flying pig is sighted.)

(Image: Large circular field partly planted in cotton showing mix of soil and
wetlands, southwestern Georgia. Credit:
Mark Godfrey/TNC.)

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