Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Feb. 19

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Published on February 19th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

NASA climatologist James Hansen has been one of the leading voices sounding the alarm against climate change. But have his protests (including his pledged participation in a March 2 Washington rally against coal-fired power plants — see video above) made him less of a scientist? Read on for analysis and all the day’s green news:

  • iEmit: Triple Pundit reviews a new iPhone app that says it tracks your carbon emissions.
  • Green and Growing, Part Deux: Africa’s rainforests are growing really quickly — and soaking up more carbon dioxide than ever, says a study in Nature. (The problem is, it might be the increase in carbon emissions that’s making them grow faster in the first place.)
  • All Wet? U.S. water policy — have we made any progress since 1973? WaterWired looks back at a U.S. report from that year.
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