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Photo: Matt Miller/TNC
Some 545 volunteers that came out to Mobile Bay in Alabama to help restore the Gulf of Mexico. During the course of this weekend event, the volunteers worked alongside Conservancy scientists and partners to construct nearly one kilometer of oyster reef as
Aspara, the niece of fromer Conservancy scientist Sanjayan, uses her iPad to learn about the natural world around her. Photo credit: © Jessica Scranton
Growing up on the preserve. Photo: Sara Sheehy/TNC
A bird oiled by the Galveston spill. Photo: © Chase A. Fountain, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
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Otter Creek Wilderness. Photo: © Kent Mason
Bryan Piazza at work.
The Limay River runs along the property line of Fortin Chacabuco. Photo: Dayna Gross/TNC
A conservation easement will protect the Yela forest of Micronesia, the first such agreement in the Pacific region. Photo: Mike Connner/TNC
Photo: © Erika Nortemann/TNC

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