Cool Green Morning: Thursday, January 3

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Published on January 3rd, 2013  |  Discuss This Article  

What does the fiscal cliff, a certain plastic cup and shipping lanes have in common? They’re all Green. (No, really!)

  1. A Conservancy river scientist and his family explore how to balance conservation and development on the mighty Mekong River. (Green)
  2. The deal to pull us off the fiscal cliff included 6 environmental perks. (MNN)
  3. Extra, extra! Get your reusable Starbucks plastic cup for $1! Let’s just hope folks really reuse them… (Huffingon Post)
  4. A major collaboration has resulted in the altering of shipping lanes in the Pacific Ocean to protect whales. (Discovery  News)
  5. The first meteor shower of 2013 peaks tonight! (National Geographic)

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