Nature Photo of the Week: Silly Rabbit

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Published on November 9th, 2012  |  Discuss This Article  

Eastern cottontail

We love a nature photo with a sense of humor! Flickr user Brett NJ made us chuckle with this “caught in the act” shot of a hungry Eastern cottontail photographed at Julian L Capik Nature Preserve in Sayreville, New Jersey. We appreciate you sharing it through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group.

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2 Responses to “Nature Photo of the Week: Silly Rabbit”

  1. Dr. Rohan H. Wickramasinghe says:

    Readers of an earlier generation may be reminded, as I was, of the children’s book featuring, among others, Mr. McGregor. Unfortunately, I no longer have it in order to give a detailed reference. Best.

  2. This really does make me chuckle. Amazing shot.

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