Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, January 10

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Published on January 10th, 2012  |  Discuss This Article  

Green sidewalks? Yep, the rumors are true.

  1. New sidewalk slabs create energy from your footsteps. (Green Building Elements)
  2. Banned: uranium mining in the Grand Canyon. (USA Today)
  3. A hungry flower gobbles up worms… underground. (Mongabay)
  4. “Extinct” giant tortoise may not be extinct after all. (TIME)
  5. Lizards advance robot design — one tail at a time. (PCWorld)

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  1. We just did an eco-cruise to the Galapagos Islands back in October, so we were super excited to hear that the Floreana Tortoises may be making a comeback. It was amazing to learn the history of the Galapagos Tortoise species and hear how they’d almost been wiped out, and learn how the Charles Darwin Research Station is working to ensure the survival of the species. It’s a great lesson in environmental stewardship and conservation the rest of the world should learn from.

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