Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, December 9

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Published on December 9th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Those hammering out a climate deal in chilly Copenhagen may not be literally feeling the heat, but the rest of the world sure is, whether it’s from rising global temperatures or from cutting off that excessively powerful AC with self-controlled vents.  Turn down that thermostat and dive into today’s top green stories:

  1. A new study shows that the current decade is the warmest on record, reports Mongabay, and preliminary data suggests that 2009 will be the fifth warmest year ever recorded.  This year marks at least the 150th year of rising global average temperatures.
  2. Individually controlled air conditioning vents installed at workers’ desks can help cut a building’s energy usage by as much as half, says New Scientist (via EcoGeek).  No more heavy sweaters in July for you, no more crazy energy bills for your employer… a rare win-win situation for everyone.
  3. Waste Management is teaming up with Live Nation to provide recycling and waste disposal services at 66 Live Nation venues nationwide.  According to CleanTechnica, the partnership may help move the sustainable music scene (wait, there is one?) to the mainstream.
  4. An Associated Press/NBC Universal poll suggests that Americans believe it’s easier to think green than to actually be green (via Christian Science Monitor).  While respondents were generally into recycling and turning down their thermostats, they were far less likely to take bigger steps, like carpooling or insulating their homes.
  5. Treehugger offers up seven great tips for greening your holiday decor without breaking the bank.  ‘Tis the season to deck the halls with LED lights and recycled ornaments.

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