Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, December 15

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Published on December 15th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Check out the Top 5 green news stories we’re seeing on the web this morning:

  1. The site of a former brothel in Nevada could become a free-roaming river and sanctuary for wildlife, with restoration help from The Nature Conservancy (NYTimes).
  2. Besides the big climate summit, Copenhagen is a city known for its biking culture. So it makes perfect sense that the city is lighting its Christmas tree with pedal power (Environmental Capital)
  3. Treehugger talks to Nature Conservancy scientist Lindsay Chadderton, who discovered that the Asian carp has spread beyond an electric barrier meant to keep it from invading the Great Lakes (Treehugger).
  4. Looking for some eco-friendly ways to decorate your Christmas tree? See a slideshow of glorious green ideas (The Daily Green).
  5. Californians are riled up about smart utility meters, saying the new meters are logging more kilowatt hours than customers actually use (NYTimes).

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