Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 11

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Published on December 11th, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Blue whales are singing like Barry White, the Mediterranean ecosystem looks like a moonscape, and Euros pony up big climate bucks for poor countries. I know you can’t get enough of our Cool Green news, baby — and we’re never, never gonna give it up:

  1. Hot from Copenhagen: The European Union has just pledged $3 billion to help poor countries deal with climate change, reports The New York Times. Also, Danish police are arresting climate hundreds of protesters in Copenhagen who are targeting businesses like McDonald’s.
  2. U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern’s playing bad cop at Copenhagen, reports the Times — criticizing China here, developing countries there — but everybody still likes him. (I’d like a lesson in that, Mr. Stern.)
  3. New research says the Mediterranean Sea is a scary peek into the future of all our oceans — “warm, overfished and polluted,” says Wired Science, with “rich ecosystems…giving way to barrens dominated by jellyfish and tiny invertebrates.” Guess I’ll cancel that vacation in St. Tropez…
  4. Why are blue whales singing to each other in lower tones these days? It’s actually a good thing, says the Scripps Institution of Oceanography — it shows how these populations have rebounded after the banning of whale hunts. (Hat tip: Treehugger.)
  5. Is the Endangered Species Act being crippled by the definition of “species range”? 129 conservation scientists says yes — they’ve petitioned Ken Salazar to rescind a Bush administration rule that protected such species over their current ranges, not their historic ones. (Hat tip: The Great Beyond.)

(Image: Blue whales, Catoosa, OK. Credit: Tammy Green (aka Zesmerelda)/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.)

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