Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 2

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Published on November 2nd, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  

Orangutan-friendly palm oil sales are on the rise! Yah! Vandals are throwing the community bicycles of Paris into the Seine! Boo! Beware emotional whiplash in this roller-coaster edition of Cool Green Morning — just slip the buckle into the clasp and pull tight across your waist…

  1. Can long-range climate forecasting get good enough to help us adapt climate change? That’s the vision of Jane Lubchenco, head of NOAA. But other scientists say it’s pie in the sky, reports Climate Feedback. (Not that anyone’s predicting actual pie floating in the sky…)
  2. Are exaggerated claims about the risks of global warming undercutting efforts to stop it? Indubitably, say some British scientists in a Times of London piece. (Hat tip: Dot Earth, who asks: Can world leaders and climate campaigners tout a low-emission energy future instead of shaking the climate change boogie man?)
  3. Certified sustainable palm oil is a booming business, reports Environmental Leader — rising from only about 15,000 tons sold worldwide in May to more than 100,000 in the last two months. (Somewhere in Indonesia, an orangutan — maybe a bunch — say thank you.)
  4. Mon Dieu! Why are vandals putting a big dent in Paris’ bike-sharing program? They see the bikes as bourgeois, reports The New York Times — maybe because you have to present a credit card to own one? (Hat tip: Triple Pundit.)
  5. Why worry about energy sprawl when feeding Rover chews up so much more real estate? A new study in New Scientist says that it takes over two square acres of land to feed a medium-sized dog — and, with Americans owning about 75 million dogs and 88 million cats, that takes a land mass bigger than Texas, says Wired Science!

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2 Responses to “Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 2”

  1. Carl says:

    “Are exaggerated claims about the risks of global warming undercutting efforts to stop it?” Perhaps there would be no effort to stop it without the exaggerated claims. Whether effective or not, the exaggerated claims (like the questionable-at-best link between global warming and hurricanes that the Conservancy still keeps on their website) should be eliminated.

  2. I think its got to the point where exaggerated claims are doing more harm than good. Sure, its important to raise awareness and get people to care about climate change, but exaggerating things to get your point across should be stopped. It’s merely feeding the sceptical argument with more ammunition. Al Gore over exaggerated a lot in Inconvenient truth and that now seems to be many peoples argument that its all a hoax. We need to be able to trust politicians to be honest with us, but obviously that’s something they have become accustom to ignoring. They will say whatever they want to get people to stop asking them questions.

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