Dispatch from Bonn: Climate Talks Continue on Way to Copenhagen

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Published on June 1st, 2009  |  Discuss This Article  


Round Two in the 2009 climate negotiations is now underway in Bonn, Germany from June 1-12 (known among climaticos as “Bonn II,” because Round One was held here in March). I am part of a small team from The Nature Conservancy that is here to push forward on our objectives for a new global climate agreement that will be finalized this December in Copenhagen.

This morning opened the discussions, for the first time, on specific language that will be the basis of the agreement in Copenhagen. This “draft negotiating text” has been compiled from a wide range of inputs from around the world, and reflects an equally wide range of opinions about what must be done.

What’s important now is that the next two weeks ensure that the right options are put on the table and into the text, to set up the talks leading into Copenhagen.

At the end of the day, from the Conservancy’s perspective, those options must include:

  • A comprehensive agreement that keeps warming below 2 degrees C;
  • Significant emissions reduction targets from developed countries;
  • Opportunities for major emerging emitters to participate, include reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD);
  • A financial architecture that combines multiples sources of funding to meet multiple needs, and maximizes public and private resources towards reducing global emissions
  • Substantial funding from developed countries to help developing countries adapt to the impacts of climate change, with ecosystem-based approaches at the heart of those efforts

How do the options look so far? Well, developed and developing countries have begun putting their cards on the table, but from what we are seeing, the science demands more. Developed countries, with their greater responsibility and capacity, must be more ambitious in their proposals to help move the negotiations ahead.

Our team in Bonn will be working over the next two weeks to ensure that the best and strongest solutions are included so the rest of the year can be spent driving convergence towards effective solutions that set up a win in Copenhagen.

Each step taken here in the next two weeks will get us one step closer towards a global solution to climate change.

(Image: Bonn, Germany. Credit: Wikipedia.)

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